Basket Strainer

Basket Strainer

Corvalve’s Basket Type Strainers are vital for protecting pipeline systems from unwanted solid contaminants. They work through a perforated or wire mesh basket-shaped element, suitable for both sewage and clean water, given the right material choice. Their large straining capacity ensures effective dirt accumulation, promoting efficient operation.


Strainers are used to collect residuals from the system. They are installed in the upstream of crucial devices such as regulation valves, water meters, flow meters etc. to protect them from residuals


  • Simplified Maintenance: The design incorporates a cover assembly that facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring efficient product upkeep.
  • Accessory Availability: An optional pivot arm accessory can be requested, designed to ensure hassle-free cover movement and reduce manual effort.
  • Effective Purging Mechanism: The product features a blow-off plug. This unique component is designed specifically for flushing the filter, promoting its optimal operation and longevity.
  • Diverse Material Options: We offer a variety of filter material options, including SS304, SS316, SS304L, and SS316L. These provide a broad range of solutions to cater to various operating environments and user requirements.
  • Flexible Mesh Size Options: We offer various filter mesh sizes to cater to diverse filtering needs. This flexibility allows users to choose a mesh size that best fits their specific requirements.