Swing Type

Swing Check Valve

Swing Type Check Valves, utilizing a pivoting disc mechanism, function as an automatic control system to prevent reverse fluid flow. Upon a decrease in upstream pressure, these valves close, mitigating the risk of backflow. Their robust design contributes to their extensive application across industries, marking them as a crucial element in maintaining system integrity and fluid dynamics.


Swing Type Check Valves are designed to have minimum head loss in normal operation and to have drip tight sealing in case of backflow. These check valves are commonly used in the downstream of pump stations, protecting crucial devices


  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for both horizontal and vertical system design and layout.
  • Wide Application Range: Ideal for potable water and sewage applications.
  • Customizable Accessories: Options for lever & counterweight or spring accessories to suit specific needs.
  • Enhanced Operational Control: Single or double-sided lever & counterweight mechanisms for precise valve control.
  • Protective Cover Option: Available for safeguarding lever movement, reducing external damage risks.
  • SCADA Integration: Optional limit switch accessories enable improved monitoring and alarm capabilities.
  • Non-slam Operation: Dashpot accessory allows smooth valve operation without excessive noise or pressure surges.
  • Adaptability: Optional bypass valve for larger systems facilitates efficient flow control and maintenance.