Tilting Type

Tilting Type Check Valve

Corvalve’s Tilting Check Valves are versatile, designed for both horizontal and vertical installations in potable water systems. These robust valves feature customizable lever and counterweight design, with optional accessories such as a protection cover, limit switch, and hydraulic damper for enhanced operation and longevity.


Tilting Type Check Valves are designed to have low head loss in normal operation and to have drip tight sealing in case of backflow. These check valves are commonly used in the downstream of pump stations, protecting crucial devices.


  • Versatile Installation: This valve is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations, making it adaptable to a range of pipeline configurations.
  • Potable Water Applications: It is designed for use in potable water applications, ensuring clean and safe water flow.
  • Lever & Counterweight Design: The tilting check valve features a lever and counterweight design, which aids in the accurate and efficient operation of the valve.
  • Single or Double-Sided Lever & Counterweight Options: Users have the flexibility to choose between single or double-sided lever and counterweight options, allowing for customization to specific operational requirements.
  • Optional Protection Cover: There’s an available protection cover accessory upon request. This is used to protect the lever movement and ensure longevity of the valve.
  • Limit Switch Accessory: Upon request, a limit switch accessory can be added to enable SCADA communications and alarms. This accessory aids in remote monitoring and control, providing early detection of potential issues.
  • Hydraulic Damper Accessory: Also available upon request is a hydraulic damper (dashpot) accessory. This contributes to a non-slam operation of the valve, reducing the risk of water hammer and subsequent damage to the pipeline system.