Single Chamber – Triple Function Non Slam

Single Chamber – Triple function Non Slam

The Single Chamber Triple Function Non-Slam Air Valve from Corvalve is a masterpiece of engineering, expertly designed to prevent premature closure through its aerodynamic float. This valve’s full bore design ensures high air capacity, accommodating swift air discharge and intake.


Non-Slam Air Valves are designed to perform three functions:

  1. Venting of air on the start-up of the system, while pipelines are filled.
  2. Intake of air on shut-off of the system, while pipelines are drained.
  3. Discharge of pressurized air pockets during the operation of the system.


  • Superior Float Design: Leveraging an aerodynamic float design, the valve optimally prevents premature closure, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing potential system downtime.
  • High Air Capacity: Full bore design facilitates higher air capacity.
  • Optional Isolation Valves: For those seeking additional control and flexibility, isolation valves can be integrated into the system upon request. This feature allows for specific sections of the system to be isolated, facilitating system management and maintenance.
  • Parallel Installation: To accommodate a broader range of installation scenarios, manifolds can be provided on request for parallel installation, enabling increased system flexibility and efficiency.
  • Inspection and Control: Ensuring a smooth operational flow and system integrity is paramount. Therefore, testing cocks are readily available upon request to facilitate regular inspection and control, enhancing system longevity and reliability.
  • Customizable Threaded Versions: In an effort to cater to diverse installation needs, threaded versions are available upon request for dimensions less than DN50, ensuring a more customized fit and optimized performance.