Triple Function – Underground Air Valve

Triple Function Underground Air Valve

Corvalve’s Triple Function Underground Air Valve is a robust, versatile solution, expertly engineered for optimum pipeline operation. It effectively vents air during start-up, intakes air at shut-off, and discharges pressurized air pockets during operation. With options for flexible installation, an integral check mechanism, and a water drain plug, it provides a compact, efficient solution for demanding subsurface applications.


Underground Air Valves are designed to perform three functions:

  1. Venting of air on the start-up of the system, while pipelines are filled.
  2. Intake of air on shut-off of the system, while pipelines are drained.
  3. Discharge of pressurized air pockets during the operation of the system.


  • Length Flexibility: The valve is available in three different length options, providing adaptability to various pipeline configurations.
  • Check Mechanism: The valve’s integral check mechanism eliminates the need for an additional isolation valve, simplifying installation and maintenance.
  • Water Drain Plug: The valve includes an integral water drain plug, enhancing its utility and efficiency.
  • Surface Box Option: A surface box for the valve can be provided upon request, adding an extra layer of protection and ease of access.