Rising Stem

Rising Stem Gate Valve

The Rising Stem Gate Valve is a particular variety of gate valve where the stem’s upward and downward motion correlates with the valve’s open and closed states. It allows electronic tracking of this movement with the integration of a monitoring key. Additionally, when in a fully open position, it does not impede the fluid flow.


Rising Stem Gate Valves are used for isolation purposes and provide drip tight sealing once they are closed. When open, they provide undisturbed water flow. Due to its Rising Stem feature, operator can see the wedge position of the valve easily. Gate Valves are not suitable for regulation purposes.


Efficient Stem Design: The valve incorporates a rolled stem design, enabling low operating torque values for smooth operation.
Versatile Ring Construction: We offer various alternatives for ring assembly, including pressed-in, threaded, or welded rings.
Accessory Options: Upon request, we can equip the valve with gearbox and actuator accessories to meet specific requirements.
Customizable Wedge Guide: For certain sizes, we provide an optional wedge guide as per customer request to enhance valve operation.
Additional Configurations: Specific sizes also allow optional additions such as a jacking screw, wedge stop, or drain plug upon request.
Optional Bypass Valve: For larger sizes, an optional bypass valve can be added on demand to facilitate streamlined operation.