Triple Function Sewage Air Valve

Triple Function Sewage Air Valve

The Corvalve Triple Function Sewage Air Valve, containing both a kinetic and an automatic air evacuation valve in a singular structure, performs a critical role in sewage systems. It proficiently expels and admits air from wastewater, and its exclusive design ensures total separation between the liquid and the closure mechanism, thus providing optimal operational conditions.


Sewage Air Valves are designed to perform three functions:

  1. Venting of air on the start-up of the system, while pipelines are filled.
  2. Intake of air on shut-off of the system, while pipelines are drained.
  3. Discharge of pressurized air pockets during the operation of the system.


  • Standard Flushing Valve: The air valve comes with a standard flushing ball valve.
  • Anti-Clog Design: The air valve features a funnel shape body design, effectively preventing clogging.
  • Material Options: The sealing body of the air valve is available in either POM or Ductile Iron options.
  • Non-Slam Feature: Upon request, a non-slam option can be incorporated into the air valve.
  • Manifold Availability: For parallel installation, manifolds are available upon request.