Resilient Seated

Resilient Seated Gate Valve

Resilient Seated Gate Valves, designed for efficient flow, readily accommodate sand and pebbles, ensuring unobstructed operation. The valves uniquely incorporate a premium rubber compound that encapsulates any impurities during closure, which are then flushed out upon reopening. This process enables the rubber surface to revert to its original form, guaranteeing a leak-proof seal.


Gate Valves are used for isolation purposes and provide drip tight sealing once they are closed. When open, they provide undisturbed water flow. Gate Valves are not suitable for regulation purposes.


  • Efficient Operation: Features a rolled stem design that ensures low operating torque values.
  • Accessory Availability: Gearbox and Actuator accessories can be provided as per request.
  • Versatile Installations: Ideal for above-ground or subterranean installations, complemented with accessories like handwheel, chainwheel, fixed and telescopic extension spindle, and surface box.
  • Customization: Optional wedge guide is accessible for specific sizes upon request.