Non – Return

Non-Return Check Valve

Silent check valves, also known as non-return valves, are essential components in various industrial fluid systems, allowing unidirectional flow while preventing backflow. These valves operate quietly and swiftly to minimize water hammer and system damage. With a spring-assisted design for quick closure, they ensure reliability, easy installation, and low maintenance, optimizing industrial process efficiency.


Silent Type Check Valves are designed to have minimum head loss in normal operation and to have drip tight sealing in case of backflow. These check valves are commonly used in the downstream of pump stations, protecting crucial devices.


  • Installation Flexibility: Tailored for horizontal installations, enhancing system compatibility.
  • Swift Closure: Spring-driven mechanism enables rapid valve closure, ensuring system stability.
  • Easy Maintenance: Top flange design simplifies routine upkeep, improving operational efficiency.
  • SCADA Integration: Optional limit switch accessory aids system monitoring and control.
  • Flow Control: Optional bypass valve available for efficient control in larger systems.