Double Chamber – Triple Function

Double Chamber – Triple Function

Engineered for superior performance, our Double Chamber Triple Function Air Valives employ a unique ‘Aerokinetic’ design for rapid air discharge or intake during system operations. They seamlessly handle accumulated air, ensuring the float closes only after all air has exited the system and water fills the chamber. This innovation offers optimal system efficiency, safety, and extended longevity.


Double Chamber Air Valves are designed to perform three functions:

  1. Venting of air on the start-up of the system, while pipelines are filled.
  2. Intake of air on shut-off of the system, while pipelines are drained.
  3. Discharge of pressurized air pockets during the operation of the system.


  • Efficiency-Driven Aerodynamic Float Design: The employment of an aerodynamic float design ensures the elimination of premature closure, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Full Bore & Reduced Bore: We cater to both full bore and reduced bore preferences, with availability contingent upon customer requests, thereby providing customization to align with unique industry requirements.
  • Enhanced Safety with Optional Isolation Valves: Upon demand, we can equip our products with isolation valves, thereby enabling system separation for enhanced safety and maintenance convenience.
  • Scalable Operation with Available Manifolds: In response to customer requirements, we provide manifolds to facilitate parallel installations, enhancing system flexibility and operational scalability.
  • Empowering Inspection and Control with Testing Cocks: To ensure optimal inspection and control, we offer testing cocks as per customer’s demand, thereby reinforcing our commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products.
  • Flexible Configuration: Threaded Versions for <DN65: For sizes less than DN65, threaded versions of our products are available upon request, thereby broadening our scope to cater to diverse industrial needs and specifications.